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Improvement Plan Ep 63: Designing Your Identity: Opportunities for Improving Chicago Marathon

Well, people just up the road, tell them that in the previous episode began a series of 3 deliveries we call "Designing Your Identity." Here in the path are always talking about design your life, to design the life of your dreams but to achieve that is important to build for yourself, for yourself and then comes this series "Designing your identity."
In this second theme is: Opportunities to Improve
In the first part of this series we said that who you are today is the product of those who choose to be, who think you can be, who insist be day after day , who want be at the end, because it is in your hands. But sometimes we said we are not 100% aware of this and so the idea of \u200b\u200bthe previous episode was to provoke a reflection in which you realized you really so, it identified those characteristics of your personality or your behavior you repeat but do not like or do not bring the results you expect, in short, the idea was to bring the level of consciousness you way to be, your habits, behaviors, characteristics.
Now that you know who you are, you're more aware of your features, the next question is: Do you like who you are today? These according to your personality?, With how you are, you?, With how you are with other people?, You are happy where you are? How is your self-image?, How are your relationships?, How is your job?, How is your level of happiness? Are you comfortable or uncomfortable with the way you are being?
In the previous episode I said that you meant to observe, without judging, the idea was that only hicieras you aware of the characteristics that define you, make you only @ . Well, now is the time to judge, to evaluate, to weigh how much you favor or harm you these features. As I told you last time, I used to be very sarcastic. He always had a sarcastic comment to make. And although at first I enjoyed it a certain way, over time I began to feel I was wrong, and not only me but my environment too. I felt I was becoming in a bitter person.
There are things you observed in you that does not please you? Or perhaps not so well as not liking, but would like to improve? Come on, do not answer me anything, because nobody is perfect, everyone can improve on something. Identify 3-5 things you can change or improve, or even need to completely remove your habits, as was the case with my sarcasm ( among many other things I need to improve or eliminate straight).
So what we've done so far is to first identify what are our characteristics, our personality, our behavior and then analyze them to see if we Sriver or not, if we remove any and / or improvement.
The next question is: How would you be? What features would you like to have, as you would like others to see you? As you like see yourself as you like to be remembered? Sometimes it's hard to think of how you would like to be in terms of caraterísiticas you would like to have but one way to find it thinking about people you admire, people who inspire you, people like you, etc. That is what attracts you to these people, which characteristics?
Me for example I would be less extreme, I hardly see sometimes the gray scale, tints, in general I see things like white or black and I'm very aware that it is learning that I have in front (among others).
There is a gap between how you and how you want to be? How big is the gap? Want to close? Think you can close it? Looking for explanations as to why you can not close? Or are you full of excuses for not closing? Why are you full of excuses? It gives you scared you can not change anything about your person? Or not to develop any property you want? A fear him?
Task then, now I evaluate all the features of ourselves, those that make you unique which you would like to eliminate or modifiicar , and task as well as other caractístcas you like to have, things that you think would improve your life.
Well, we're reaching the end of the program, I tell them that the next installment will be the last of this series and will discuss the issue of how to make a plan to improve everything we saw in the supply one and two.
I hope you have enjoyed this episode.

Now I say goodbye, cuidate much, studied these days about who you want be and would like to change about your person, a hug and a nice trip!


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